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In glass production, sheetmetal engineering and material handling, cut resistant clothing and cut level 5 gloves are an essential part of personal protective equipment (PPE). The Dymaflex┬« and Dymacut┬« products manufactured by Flexion Global are designed specifically with this in mind, and comply, even exceed the requirements of EN388:2016. Certification requirements and data sheets are available for download. 

You can buy online with our new online store, or if you have a trade account you can place your order online. Check out our Quick Order system too. But at any time you are more than welcome to contact us on 01553 819767 or email sales@flexionglobal.com 

Cut prevention is a science, and we are proud of our ability to design and manufacture workwear that combines Cut Level 5 protection with lightweight, breathable and stylish garments. Our production plant is in Portugal, which is wholly owned by ourselves, and manufactures PPE only for Flexion Global and our sister company Arbortec Forestwear.

In adition to all the technological benefits of the Dymatex and Dymacut ranges, we hold large stocks, AVAILABLE FOR NEXT DAY DELIVERY in most cases.