The Thread Technology In Dymatex

Thread Technology in The Dymatex5 Material



 Dymatex 5 thread

Ultra high strength polyethylene (HSP) by solution spinning/drawing. Dymatex5 is ideal for the production of garments due to its polyester-like finish making it easier to use in manufacturing. Very cool to wear, very high strength-to-weight ratio, high resistant to abrasion and incredibly breathable. As an example our C501 Dymaflex Combat Trousers weigh in at just 750gm!



aratex 5Aratex 5

An Aramid based thread which is a man-made polymer produced by spinning a solid fibre from a liquid chemical blend. The resulting filaments have high strength and low density, giving a very high specific strength, and are a golden yellow in colour. Aratex5 is renowned for its abrasion resistance but also offers heat, flame and cut resistance. This makes Aratex garments ideal for tough manufacturing environments. They are soft on the inside but very tough and resistant on the outside, and are therefore very comfortable and pleasant to wear. One example of this product is our C100 Polo Shirt