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Safe and stylish go together in the Dymaflex Collection. Traditionally, staff engaged in handling, production and delivering glass or sheet metal have had to be encouraged or mandated to wear safety clothing. Our Dymaflex Collection is comprised of garments the very same people will be pleased to wear. Lightweight, stylish, breathable, looking great and supremely comfortable, these garments don't scrimp on safety either. Certified to EN388:2016 our range shows that PPE can combine modern styling with top-level safety.


Polo Shirts

 C100 Polo Shirt                                      C255 Polo Shirt 

          Dymaflex C100 Polo Shirt                                                       Dymaflex C255 Hi-Vis Orange 


C580 Polo Shirt                                               C581 Polo Shirt  C581 Polo shirt

           Dymaflex C580 Navy Polo Shirt                                                                                  Dymaflex C581 Navy Polo Shirt


     C600 Polo Shirt                                          

           Dymaflex C600 Black Polo Shirt                                               Dymaflex C600 Hi-Vis Orange Polo Shirt



The C100 Navy Polo shirt is our entry-level product, with full-length Aramid sleeves conforming to EN388:2542 protection. This is a polycotton shirt with the added feature of a thumbhole cuff.  Soft, smart and comfortable, combined with Cut Level 5 protection to the sleeves and with the thumbhole cuff giving additional protection, ensuring the sleeves stay in position at all times. Available in XS to 5XL.

The C255 Hi-Vis Orange polo shirt is 100% polyester with full-length Dymatex sleeve protection. Conforming to EN388:2016 on the sleeves and EN471 GO/RT Standard for the high visibility panels, this is another highly breathable, lightweight shirt that is very popular for hot environments. Its an exceedingly comfortable polo shirt offering full arm protection, and is often used in glass handling and delivery. Available in XS to 5XL.

Our navy Dymaflex C580 Sport polo shirt offers full arm and shoulder protection. It is incredibly light, has a handy breast pocket, single cuff and is soft and cool to wear, thanks to its polyester fabric on the main body, both front and back. This is a high-protection garment at a very competitive price. Available in XS to 5XL.

Very similar is the C581 which also has the same protection and turtle-neck collar and single cuff, but has the added advantage of a sewn-on "super-fabric" abdomen patch for high abrasion resistance. This is particularly useful for bench workers. Available in XS to 5XL.

The black turtle-neck C600 is our best seller and has been designed with ultra-lightweight in mind. Coming in at just 280g this sports polo shirt provides full arm and shoulder protection to EN388:2016 / ISO 13997 and is soft, cool and highly breathable. It also features the replaceable abdomen patch and double cuff. Wearers really appreciate the weight, and style of this garment. This product is also available in Hi-Vis Orange, the C600-OR offering all the features od the C600-BLK with the added advantage of its high visibility. Available in XS to 5XL.





C601 sweatshirt               C601 side view

                                            Dymaflex C601 Sweatshirt 



Our C601 sweatshirt has cut-resistant to the whole front of the garment and sleeves. In addition, it has the innovative Flexion replaceable "belly patch" for the abdomen to give industry-leading abrasion protection, which extends the life of the main garment. Still weighing only 383gms, the C601 is a superbly comfortable shirt with zip neck and is soft, flexible and comfortable to wear.  Users really like this Dymaflex sweatshirt, and it is easy to understand why. Available in XS to 5XL.


Sports Jackets - NEW FOR 2020

C606 sports jacket black                                    

  Dymaflex C606 Sports Jacket Grey                                         Dymaflex C606 Sports Jacket Black 



New for 2020 are these superb C606 Sports Jackets in black or grey. A jacket with full cut-resistant front and sleeves, conforming to EN388:2016 / ISO13997. The jackets feature with abrasion-resistant pads on shoulders and sleeves, the C606 is a stylish yet highly practicable coat. A unique feature is the way the sleeves can be removed by simply unzipping them when temperatures rise, allowing the wearer the option to use cut resistant arm protection instead. Innovative, very smart and stylish, and supremely comfortable to wear. These jackets don't look out of place outside the workshop and are going to be highly popular with wearers globally. Available in sizes XS to 5XL.


Dymaflex Trousers




         Dymaflex C501 Trousers Grey                                                  Dymaflex C501 Trousers Black



Dymaflex C501 trousers are a new design for 2020. Lighter, more stylish and with frontal cut resistant protection from the waist to the bottom of the leg and around the rear lower section of the leg. Conforming to Cut Level 5 and EN388:2016 the new Dymaflex trouser is very comfortable and flexible yet hard-wearing and resistant to cuts and abrasions.


 Aprons and Accessories     


C620 Apron                                                Belly patch                   

     Dymaflex  C620 Apron                                                          C400 Abdomen Patch



Our C620 Dymaflex Half Apron has Cut Level 5 protection, with the front of the apron made from Flexion super fabric. This enables the apron to withstand the toughest environments. We have made the apron with a useful seamed two-part pocket, and like all the other Dymaflex products, it is soft and comfortable to wear.

The C400 replacement abdomen patch is designed for use with the Dymaflex C581 and C600 polo shirts and the C601 sweatshirt. It has Cut Level 5, puncture level 4 and abrasion level 4 protections.



The Materials We Use



Using the thread technology and applying it to the glass and steel industry, Flexion Global has developed a range of Cut Resistant Clothing. The range consists of cut-proof trousers, cut-proof polo shirts, cut-proof sweatshirts, and aprons. All these garments provide cut resistance to a minimum of Cut Level 5. In addition, the clothing is very lightweight. For example, the trousers are just 750gm, and the polo shirt 280gm.

In 2013, Flexion Global launched the new Dymatex thread. Dymatex is one of the thinnest fibres in the world to offer such high levels of strength. When woven into a garment, the cut levels reached are up to 7 times higher than the minimum requirement for Cut Level 5 EN388:2016 while still being extremely lightweight. In Dymaflex®  clothing this provides outstanding levels of dexterity and comfort. Not only is Dymatex® cut resistant, but is also washable without losing strength, softness, flexibility and breathability. When used in the manufacture of a garment the end product carries the Dymaflex® logo and branding.


The Aratex garments are produced using an Aramid based thread which is a man-made polymer produced by spinning a solid fibre from a liquid chemical blend. The filaments combine high strength and low density, giving a very high specific strength. Aratex5 is renowned for its abrasion resistance but also offers heat /flame resistance and cut resistance. Ideal for garments for tough manufacturing environments. Soft and comfortable on the inside but very tough and resistant on the outside.

The features and benefits of the Flexion product ranges are:

Maximum Cut Protection             Dymatex 15 Times Stronger Than Steel By Weight Lighter And More Breathable Than Kevlar
Soft Smooth Fabric Washable Without Deterioration Extremely Tough and Hardwearing


Dymatex Material Compared To Kevlar

Cut resistance is commonly regarded as the primary benefit of Kevlar. Whilst this is an excellent material, proven over many years when compared with the Dyneema product, renamed in our products as Dymatex, Kevlar is inferior in key areas:


The common measurement for material strength is the strength-to-weight-ratio. Tests show the material used in Dymaflex® garments has a strength-to-weight ratio up to 15 times that of steel whereas Kevlar is considered just 7 times stronger than steel. This is because the Dyneema material used in Dymaflex garments is much lighter in density than Kevlar - 970kg/m3 compared to 1440kg/m3. It is the worlds strongest fibre.

UV Exposure

In 48 hours of UV exposure, Dymatex loses 5% of its material strength whereas Kevlar loses 25%.

Insulation and Conductivity

Kevlar insulates heat and Dymatex disperses heat. This makes the Kevlar material better in cold weather, and the Dymatex more comfortable in warm weather.

Water Retention

Dymatex does not absorb water, but Kevlar absorbs 3.5% of its own weight. In regular washing, Kevlar loses 16% of its fibre strength after two washes, whereas our products do not lose strength, even after multiple washes.

Abrasion Resistance

Kevlar experiences material fatigue from abrasion at around 100,000 cycles, while Dyneema experiences material fatigue at almost 1,000,000 cycles.

Skin Irritation

Kevlar can cause irritation to mucous membranes of the nose and throat after acute exposure to fibrous dust. Dyneema meets the humano-ecological requirements for direct skin contact - See Oeko-Tex std 100 and Du Pont’s Kevlar MSDS CKSQM.


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