1. Q4 2019 Stock Clearance Lines

    Q4 2019 Stock Clearance Lines


    Due to the imminent arrival of some exciting new lines, we have a few products to clear to make space. There is some footwear and some Cut Level 5 clothing, which is being sold on a first come, first served basis. >>>>>Check out the SPECIAL OFFER HERE <<<<<

    There is more details on the website of the specification of these lines, but you do need to call in to check availability or to place your order.  Direct sales line is 01553 819767.

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  2. "Just A Flesh Wound" Should Have Used Cut Level 5

    "Just A Flesh Wound" Should Have Used Cut Level 5

    Many of a certain age would remember the film where the Black Knight tried to stop King Arthur from crossing a stream and lost his limbs in the ensuing sword fight. The most memorable words uttered being "Tis but a scratch, and  "Its just a flesh wound"  We couldn't say if he was wearing cut resistant clothing, but the serious side of this is that Cut Level 5 workwear literally could save your life or limb

    Dymaflex 5  products use the worlds strongest fibre, 15 times stronger even than steel in the crucial weight:strength ratio. Produced in Portugal these garments are lightweight, stylish and highly effective. Complemented by a range of cut proof gloves that are breathable, comfortable and highly dexterous, our products meet or exceed the stringent EN388:2016 test. The measurement of cut levels is not guesswork either because an accident at work could be life threatening. Its actually very precise.

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  3. You Only Have One Pair Of Hands

    You Only Have One Pair Of Hands

    Next to back injuries, the most common workplace injuries are to the hands. And almost entirely preventable through wearing the correct gloves for the job.

    In 2015 it was reported that 39% of hand injuries were from cuts or lacerations. Puncture injuries by comparison were just 13% and fractures 11.2%. Taking these stats even further  nearly 71% of arm and hand injuries were preventable by wearing the correct PPE. In the case of the 39% hand injuries thats a simple as wearing cut-resistant gloves. Non-compliance is a major factor, but it is also the employers responsibility to provide suitable workwear and enforce the wearing of it.

    How would you feel if you could find a glove, that is lightweight, breathable, dexterous and yet have a strength to weight ratio 5 times that of Kevlar and 15 times that of steel? Flexion Global have such a glove, and using our Dymacut material these gloves easily exceeds EN388:2016 Cut Level

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  4. The Link Between Spiders and Cut Proof Workwear

    The Link Between Spiders and Cut Proof Workwear

    I didn't know either, but it relates to a device called a spinnaret.

    Once again nature teaches us...

    The spinnaret in a spider is a highly complex organ, in most cases one of six, although 2, 4 or 8 may be present in some species. These are normally located on the underside of the spiders abdomen at the rear where each spinnaret has multiple orifices, combining to produce a filament, or thread used in the production of silk. These multiple filaments are what gives the silk its strength. This silk spinning is used in the common spider web, for entrapping and enclosing prey, for catching wind and in the case of some insect larvae, it is used as a wrap for protection.

    In the case of cut proof clothes, or cut proof gloves, the material is made, also using a spinneret.  In this example the spinneret is a plate made with multiple holes through which a polymer solution

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  5. Why Glass and Metal Workers Love Dymaflex 5

    Why Glass and Metal Workers Love Dymaflex 5

    If you need even more reasons to buy cut resistant workwear from Flexion Global...

    • Clothing that gives Cut Level 5 protection yet remains stylish, lightweight, comfortable and affordable.
    • Designed in UK and manufactured in our European facility.
    • Distributed worldwide from our own warehouse.
    • Providing solutions for glass and metalworking industries.
    • Buy online from our virtual warehouse.

    We are the specialists. Its what we do. Buy Smart, Buy Safe from

    Buy Online in August or September 2019, and receive a FREE Xscape Pocket Knife

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  6. Three Reasons Why Your Customers Buy from You

    Three Reasons Why Your Customers Buy from You

    Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why your customers buy from you? Is it location, or you are the cheapest, is your product the best, or have you been established for longest? There is probably a multitude of reasons you could give, and it just might be that many of them don't even enter into a customers thinking.

    In a previous employ, we carried out a survey where we asked our customers to list in order what the three main reasons that caused them to purchase from us. The answers were unexpected, but very instructive. In order these were:

    1. Easy To Deal With
    2. Availability Of Stock
    3. Price

    It might seem obvious, but it's a good question to ask your own customers from time to time, to see how you measure up. Its very rare that price is the main driver. I guess most of us have had the expereince of avoiding some suppliers where possible because it is

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  7. Glass - Its For More Than Just Looking Through

    Glass - Its For More Than Just Looking Through

    Heres an interesting video from Corning, entitled A Day Made Of Glass. Its a look into the future, and the way glass and technology can combine in a normal day.  With the United Nations tipped to declare an International Year Of Glass in 2022, we think that glass will play a much greater part in all our lives. 

    Think a little about the glass producers that make it possible - the manufacturing plants, the glass handling, the installers, persons every day involved with this amazing product. Its where Flexion Global comes in with its range of cut-resistant workwear and gloves to EN388:2016, even exceeding cut-Level 5 which keeps the men and women involved in

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  8. Familiarity Breeds Contempt - A True Tale

    Familiarity Breeds Contempt - A True Tale

    In the picture above you see an operator properly and safey kitted out - Exactly as required. But there is a saying that familiarity breeds contempt. A slightly softer term sometimes used is complacency, and this is often seen in the workplace, particularly when a task is well known, and often repeated. It can be a danger point, and the cause of many an avoidable workplace accident. HSE estimate that there are 9000 reported PPE related accidents every year.

    It reminds of an incident, probably nearly 20 years ago when I worked in a company that hired out chainsaws. It was mandatory that when we hired the equipment out that the user was instructed in the safe operation of the chainsaw, given written instructions and then supplied with a complete set of chainsaw cut-resistant clothing, from head to toe. How many actually wore the gear was a question, but we did all we could, and thankfully there was never an accident.

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  9. Glass - From Magical Properties To Modern Architecture

    Glass - From Magical Properties To Modern Architecture

    You only have to look around or upwards in London to see the extensive use of glass in construction today. From its discovery around 2500 years ago glass has evolved from being used in the luxury apartments of Rome and Pompeii to becoming an integral part of building structure and design. The earliest use of glass, which was thought to have magical properties, was as a weapon!                                                                         

    Some of the most famous high rise towers in the UK use glass very extensively; The Gherkin, The Shard, Heron Tower, One Canada Square to name a few. The 95 store building of the Shard uses 11,000 glass panels on its exterior, providing a surface area the equivalent of 8 football pitches, or just over 602,000 square feet.

    Glass blowing was

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  10. Many Employees Haven't Thought Of This.

    Many Employees Haven't Thought Of This.

    The implementation of health and safety procedures in the workplace has come very much more to the forefront over the last 25 years. Whilst many regulations and recommendations appear common sense, others seem particularly onerous. But they all have one key tenet - the safety of persons. It is also easy to blame an employer if an accident occurs at work, and of course they are ultimately responsible. But here we look at an employees role in helping maintain personal and workplace safety.

    1. Take Responsibility For Your Own Safety

    This begins with you, and it is rooted in your own common sense to keep yourself safe. Many accidents are caused by negligence or complacency in the most regular of daily tasks. It has been reported over a long time now that

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